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About Wyman Dillon - Our Company

Wyman Dillon is a full service research agency experienced in a range of market research methodologies, marketing support and data processing activities.

We have been in the business of market research since 1972 and our company gained strength when we merged with IT experts Dillon Computing in 1987.

We offer our clients tailor made solutions across our three core service areas, but the principle of all the work we undertake is quality and integrity. We have worked with many of our clients for more than 10 years; we hope all our new clients and partners will stay with us as long.

The company is owned by Allan Douglas and Peter Deacon and the running of the business is supported by Carolyn Williams, Project Director.

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Wyman Dillon Limited, Silverhill, Rudgeway, Bristol, BS35 3NS, registered in England & Wales, CRN 1266200