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Market and Social Research

Do you know what your customers, employees (or tenants) are really thinking? We can help...

Market Research Design & Advice

Sometimes it’s easier to solve a problem when you’ve talked it over with someone else.

We understand there might be times when simply talking through your business, marketing or service challenge, with an independent listening ear, can help you more clearly define your needs, leading to a better solution that fits exactly with the challenge in hand.

A conversation with Wyman Dillon costs nothing; we are happy to listen and offer any advice that we can.

We want our clients to find the best way forward, and that might occasionally mean that there is nothing more for us to do than listen and share our thoughts and experience. Our honest approach to doing business usually results in our clients coming back to us when they need a research service.

Together we can design the right approach, to provide you with the insight you need that will help you make better decisions for your organisation.

Whilst we offer a full research service, we know that you may have a very specific need requiring external support with one element or stage in the project. Wherever we can provide you with a service we will, no matter how large or small the scale, how simple or complex your needs.

Market Research Fieldwork and Data Collection

Years of experience and a broad spectrum of skills at our finger tips, we’re ready for action!

We have no interest in providing you with any one particular data collection method, other than the one that is right for your research needs. We work with quantitative and qualitative methodologies to address our clients needs, blending approaches where appropriate to achieve the best possible results.

A conversation with Wyman Dillon costs nothing; we are happy to listen and offer any advice that we can.

We have many in-house facilities and available methods which include:

    Self completion

    o Postal and paper-based: designed, managed and processed by our own staff, in-house.

    o Online: designed, programmed and administered in-house and / or with selected partners.

    Interviewer led

    o Face to face: on street, in-home, hall tests or on location, using our geographically dispersed network of interviewers and supervisors, closely overseen by our field manager.

    o Telephone: for structured or unstructured interviewing we have in-house interviewers who work on our premises and are supervised and guided by our own management team. We may also engage with selected partners for large scale quantitative telephone surveys.

    Mystery Shopping

    o Monitor the real-time experiences of your customers who have interacted with your organisation across a range of services or situations and their evaluation against set measures.

    Qualitative approaches

    o A suite of contemporary qualitative techniques, including traditional groups and interviews, online techniques and an innovative electronic approach ideal for consultation and workshops, delivered together with a specialist research partner.

Market Research Data Preparation and Processing

We are well known for both our accuracy and attention to detail, providing high quality data you will have confidence in.

We have in-house facilities to turn customer responses into accurate, meaningful and easily analysed data. As well as response handling Wyman Dillon has a ready pool of dedicated data entry and data processing staff, able to increase our project handling volumes according to your requirements.

We have been commended on our ability to accurately interpret and enter complex responses and coding of verbatim customer response is a speciality.

We can provide your data in several formats:

    o Data tables to your specification and / or based on our recommendations and suggestions.

    o SPSS files, standard or labelled to your specification.

    o In a bespoke database as per your requirements (Excel, Access, etc).

We offer Data Preparation and Processing as part of a full service project or as a standalone service, we here to help in any event.

Market Research Reporting and Insight Delivery

From well organised data sets to revealing customer insights

In our experience, the clients we work with have varying degrees of need for analysis and reporting of research findings. Dependent on how much time and resource you have available we offer a spectrum of deliverables that allow you to analyse the data yourself through to full analysis, interpretation and communication of the findings by our research consultants.

Where the analysis is undertaken by our own consultants you can be assured that a thorough exploration of the data collected, coupled with market and industry knowledge and expertise will be provided.

Our aim is to support your organisational needs and offer you a flexible service that reflects your requirements on any given project.

STAR - Survey of Tenants and Residents

Wyman Dillon is a HouseMark listed supplier of satisfaction surveys to the social housing sector and assisted with the STAR consultation.

Wyman Dillon is a long established company, having 40 years' experience in Market Research, and would very much like to help you with any or all aspects of your STAR survey, including:

    o Methodology (postal, telephone, face-to-face, online) and sampling

    o Printing and distributing survey stationery

    o Fieldwork and logging return questionnaires

    o Data entry

    o Checking the responses are representative

    o Data analysis

    o Writing the report incorporating HouseMark STAR benchmarking

    o Post survey follow-up research

HouseMark's STAR (endorsed by the Tenants Participation Advisory Service and Tenants and Residents Organisations of England) provides survey questions and a methodology enabling social housing landlords to benchmark their satisfaction results with each other.


STAR surveys are undertaken following HouseMark guidelines, in accordance with the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct and Quality Controlled by our strict ISO procedures.

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